Lingerie is coming out of from bedrooms and taking over as a street style, you’ve seen it yet in London or in France, and you’re about to see it everywhere this summer.

Leather lingerie is not for layering underneath anymore but as a standing piece. The celebrities have taken the reins and are all in. Starting from Bella Hadid perfectly at ease stepping out from her apartment on panties styled with big boots. Then, Kylie Jenner got on board, wearing a lingerie total look under a large boyish trench coat. Right after, her sister Kourtney Kardashian wore a large hoody, showing her booty and some sexy leather underwear. Not to forget the supermodel Emily Ratajakowski walking on the red carpet wearing a see-through lingerie dress paired with nude underwear, and a matching triangle bra.

But how to wear it correctly without looking you’re about to walk a red carpet?

To start off softly there are several tips to follow. Wearing underwear as outerwear has become a way to express an easy-going look that is versatile and not shock-factor anymore.

  • Go fluid. Pair the leather lingerie with some loose clothing with boyish features to create an interesting contrast. Could be a corset belt cinching your waste line over a fluid plain shirt or underneath sneaking out from the neckline. Or a corset belt and bra under a large trench coat.

  • Consider the 90s’ trends. They are about to go mainstream again. And social media are pushing towards. For a retro loose-fitting style pair a garter or chained thong with oversized baggie pants that show the upperpart of your underwear, that’s the end of high-waisted denim leaving space for a comeback of low-rise cuts and exposed thongs,
  • Keep it classy. If you’re into chic and tailored, for an easy evening look pair a leather bra or harness with a blazer or work suit, wide-leg pants, and heels. Not only will it feel like you’re more covered, but it will add some power to the look. For a fitted style wear them with skinny pants and high heels.

How to style a harness under a suit; Underwear as outerwear trend

  • Be unexpected. If you’re into a mysterious mindset get playful with transparencies and go for a rich harness or bra under a see-through black shirt. To make an impact but without exposing too much you can always wear your harness or bustier layered over a simple plain dress.
  • For a casual and feminine first date look, wear your favourite leather bra with a knotted denim blouse and a flowy long skirt. Pair leather with denim is always gorgeous. This way you can regulate how much you want to show off.

Instagram can provide good tips for keeping our lust for leather layered styles. Some sexy and cool women are already wearing the trend and giving the best advice.

We believe how you rock the look should come down to what make you feel more attractive and confident. So, set free your imagination and show off your style.

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