Blasted Skin is a radical Italian fashion brand, based in Rome producing a wide range of accessories: Bags, corsets, fashion harnesses; headpieces; belts and leather jewellery.

Believing in a slow fashion productive cycle, all the materials are sourced locally, using full-grain leather, vegetable tanned in Tuscany, by natural tannin extracted from plants without chromium or toxic substances in order to reduce the environmental impact.

All accessories are designed by Federica Sivieri, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and after working in Paris for notable Haute couture fashion brands she developed for Blasted Skin a refined method to process leather, through digital techniques as laser cut melted to ancients handcraft skills to get to a procedure we may call digital craftsmanship.

Each product is meticulously made with care for details for a palpable high-end quality. A one of a kind aesthetic characterized by networks of geometries. The skin takes on a delicate appearance that looks like lace, while retaining all its shine and strength.

Blasted Skin’s influences are drawn from a subconscious intercultural heritage that embraces pagan and religious art, geometry as well as archetypes of desire, exploring our secret bond with chaos.